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Writing Hurts Like Hell

This is the writing workshop I taught through the University of New Brunswick's College of Extended Learning for ten years. 

The next two will be one day workshops through the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design:

Writing Hurts Like Hell

Saturday, February 17th, 9 AM till 4 PM

This is the introductory Workshop, no experience necessary

Writing Hurts like Hell II – The Pain Begins 

Saturday, February 24th, 9 AM till 4 PM

You must be almost finished your novel or have just completed the first draft. 

If you can't attend the workshop, you can buy the book. (Although the workshop is a lot more fun.)



The Truth About Biff Mitchell

A Sad Story

Biff Mitchell lives in a hovel at the edge of the world. He has no life. He has no friends. Neighborhood children throw stones at his hovel. At night, Biff throws stones at his hovel.

Someday Biff plans to write a book about a man who lives in a house that is stoned daily by neighborhood children who—through some magical twist of events—turn into snowmen.

When Spring arrives, the man’s house melts.

My Mediums

I write speculative fiction and have been successful in tricking publishers and editors into publishing just about everything I've written. 

I do mindless drawings with black gel ink and have tricked a few people into buying them.

I take pictures of nature and people. When I take pictures of people, I'm actually capturing their souls, which I sell on eBay. 

My Inspiration

Every atom of water, fire, earth and wind.

Contact Me

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