The Characters in The Weekly Man

And here they are....

I guess the first thing to say about the main characters is that their names sound strangely alike. But…maybe this is what draws them together. Or maybe it’s just a fluke. 


Jack’s a cartoonist. And just about the most paranoid human on the planet. He’s been trying to date a woman he’s in love with (Valerie Vine) for years but keeps chickening out because he thinks she’s working for Them.


Jackson is an excruciatingly boring person whose well-organized life is skewed by a long-kept secret that starts to push him out of his comfort zone. 


Jax is a total wing nut who believes that he’s in contact with a cyber being that wants to communicate with humankind through him. The being tells him to murder one of the other characters. 


Jacky is a photographer who falls in love with a woman he can see only one day a week. 


Jacques is a writer of erotic romance stories who mistakenly sends an email that brings his career crashing down, forcing him to change his identity. 


Jac is also a writer. But he’s also the single most hated man on Earth when children start killing themselves after reading his books. 


Jackie, a playwright, is the only female main character. She’s spent her entire life hating her life, until she makes a stunning discovery.

      Click the image to download the PDF.

Click the image to download the PDF.

The Weekly Man (SmartPhone Version)

Coming This September 8 - The First Instalment of The Weekly Man

Hi, This is the cell version of The Weekly Man (ISBN: 978-0-9867903-4-8), a serialized novel with just enough reading to get you through your morning coffee break. For more about this, see the About page.

The introductory chapter will be posted on Friday, September 8 and the real stuff will start on Monday, September  9.  If you have any questions, see the Contact page.

The Weekly Man is speculative fiction in the magical realism arena. Everything seems normal, but…something’s not quite right. The first half of the novel will keep you guessing; the second half will make you wonder how the hell they’re going to work it out.

The novel contains some foul language. I teach a writing workshop called Writing Hurts Like Hell. I tell my students to write the way the character would talk. Some of the characters in The Weekly Man swear.

There’s not a lot of sex, but one of the characters is a little bit…well…you’ll see. Oh, and there’s a huge dose of humour. I love humour. It makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile as well.

If you’re interested in reading The Weekly Man, I suggest you bookmark this page and maybe even come back before September 8. I’m sure I’ll have more to say before we get into it.