What Is The Weekly Man?

It's a Novel

NOTE: After reading what it's all about, and you're still interested, scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the entire novel up to Episode 53...rather than click on 53 separate files to catch up. You'll just go crazy doing that.)

The Weekly Man is , like it says above, the world's first free daily serialized coffee break novel. I checked this out on the internet and, yes, I get to claim this title along with having published the world's first laundromance

If you're just coming here for the first time and the novel has already started, you can click the From the Start link below and catch up.  That will mean opening a lot of separate PDF files. See the NOTE above to avoid this at all costs. 

There are also links for the blog version (best on laptops and desktops) and a cell version (best on phones). 

What's It About?

It's about a group of people somehow joined by a secret that goes back to their childhood, but none of them know about it until they're in their 30s and start meeting on social media and almost in real life. What finally happens changes their lives forever...and then things get really weird. 

Nothing is as it seems. 

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Handy Printable Character Guide


OK. So there are seven main characters and they all have similar names. Coincidence? Not really. When you start getting into the story, you'll see how I was forced into these names. And you'll forgive me. I hope.

Six Characteristics of a Laundromance


Jacques writes laundromances. So do I. And I'm looking into the matter of whether or not he's been using my stuff without my permission. I mean, I was created before I created this character.

The Story Behind the Story


WARNING! Don't click here until you've read up to Episode 22. You'll ruin the surprise. 

Writing The Weekly Man took place, off and on, for eight years...with over a year of that on research just to work out the details of how something like this could  happen. This is the story about that.

Free Stuff for Readers

These Eyes


Sometimes your questions can destroy you and everything you love, especially when you're willing to follow it into death.

Sleeping in Ditches


One man's struggle to accept the inevitable is everyone else's sob story.



You don't kill coffee. Coffee kills you. Sweetly.

We Need to Talk


When you forget your ex's birthday...10 years's time to suffer. 


Ross Howard - Psychic


What if you suddenly had super powers? How would you test them? How would you know exactly what they are? And what if they weren't exactly what you thought?

Tina and Her Talking Nipple


Self love is one thing, but when parts of you start self loving, it's a real nightmare figuring out how to get away from yourself. 

Free Stuff for Writers

How to Revise a Novel


It's not enough to sacrifice years of your life transcribing your every minuscule feeling into the most important novel ever written. If you don't revise, edit and re-write, everybody will hate you and you'll never get published. 

How to Write the Tough Stuff


When is a sex scene porn, erotica or romance? How foul mouth should a character be? How can you make people smile? When should you let your characters be violent? Tough questions...this little book might help.

eMarketing Tools for Writers


My last update to this book was almost 10 years ago, so some of the information is outdated and more recent marketing platforms aren't mentioned. However, the approach used to market your books remains the same and you might just pick up a point or two to help you market your books. I hope so.

Free Stuff for Writers and Readers

How to Write a Novel


A very brief outline showing how to start off that novel you've always wanted to write. Based on 10 years of teaching the Writing Hurts Like Hell workshop.

Pics Like Jacky Does


This  is a photo album inspired by the kind of photography Jacky does...showing nature taking it back. Sorry, you can't print it or download it. If  you figure out a way to do that, please let me know.

A Room Without a View


Just when Jasper thought he'd found the perfect job...the one for which he'd been waiting all his life...reality stumbled it. Like it always did. 

My Writing


Yes, I've tricked publishers and editors into publishing my writing. Some, more than once. 

The Missed Sunday Coffee Break


When the characters take off and you miss  Sunday coffee break.

Find a Publisher


Based on a workshop I gave at the 2011 Maritime Writers' Workshop, the information is dated in some parts and I'm sure some of the links are dead, but the basic concepts for finding a publisher or agent remain the same...some of them still want snail mail submissions. Go figure.